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● “The Biopharmaceutical Technology Promotion Program” of the Technological Innovation Action Plan

This program was launched by the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality and supported by governmental subsidy to promote projects of pioneering originality in the development and clinical research of pharmaceuticals of significant development value in the field of biological and synthetic drugs in order to promote the industry's innovation capacity.


● The Industry-University-Research Institute-Hospital Cooperation Promotion Program of the “Technological Innovation Action Plan”

This program was initiated by the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality and received substantial support from the government for the development of innovative biopharmaceutical and synthetic pharmaceutical products, the re-evaluation of the clinical application and safety of marketed products, the improvement and innovation of technology, and secondary R & D projects.


● Shanghai Hi-tech Research Achievements Transformation Promotion Program

This program is an important action of Shanghai government in support of the incubation of emerging industries and the optimization of industrial structure of the hi-tech sector for the development of Shanghai's hi-tech industry chain. Projects endorsed by this program must be in the hi-tech sector and with core technology that has intellectual property rights and product license and involves technology that is significantly superior to its peers in terms of pioneering originality and potential economic benefits and market prospects.


● Hi-tech Enterprise Accreditation

In order to be accredited as a hi-tech enterprise, a company must be up to rigorous criteria in proprietary core intellectual property rights, technological research achievement transformation capacity, organization and management levels of R & D, and growth performance. This accreditation is of significant importance to the country, the society and the company. 


● Shanghai Technology Company Little Giantunder Incubation

This program is jointly initiated by the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality and Shanghai Economy and Information Technology Commission for accelerating the incubation of SMEs technology innovation giants that have competitive edge over their domestic and foreign competitors in order to promote the technological innovation of technology SMEs.


● Research Institute Accredited by Pudong New District

In order to be a certified An accredited research institute must have established a highly efficient operation management system, perfected its R & D conditions, invested certain amount in R & D, and built a team of technical cadres with required R & D ability in order to be capable of technology innovation. This title is established for incubating high-end high-performance hi-tech companies that have core competitive edge and in-house innovation capacity and encouraging research institutes (of companies) to increase their investment in R & D.


● Pilot Company of Pudong New District in Patent Work

TA company with this title will be subsidized by the government in recognition and in support of its efforts in patent creation, application, protection and management. The title is established for promoting and supporting standardization of patent management, preparation and implementation of patent strategy, construction of patent platform, defence of patent right, and custody/pledge/transfer/licensing of patents.

● Shanghai “Special, Elaborative, Characteristic and Innovative” SMEs

The connotation of “Special, Elaborative, Characteristic and Innovative” applies to the road to development encouraged and promoted by the country and taken by an enterprise. This title is awarded in recognition of the recipient's original development activities and innovation mode.

● Shanghai Enterprise Innovation Acceleration Program

Shanghai “Enterprise Innovation Acceleration Program” is an accreditation program organized and carried out by Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech District Management Committee. It aims to help enterprises to understand the status quo of their innovation management with advanced innovation management tools, so that they can identify and consolidate their weak links with active measures and learn innovation methods and build an innovation system for improving their core competitiveness.

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