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Relieving patients' pain Helping patients with better drugs and drug portfolios.

Chenpon remains committed as ever to looking for optimal solutions for patients. We are capable of delivering therapeutically and economically competitive drugs and drug portfolios to patients by virtue of our adherence to selecting and developing only drugs that have the best therapeutic value for a disease, and our rigorous control over our products, from development, production to distribution.

Meticulous integration in light of the philosophy of Patient First 

We constantly invest in the R & D of pharmaceuticals of significant therapeutic and economic values. The philosophy of Patient First is imbibed into all processes of the company, from development, production to distribution. We strive to use more precise quality control technology, more detailed process design, and better excipients and packaging materials for the benefit of patients in every step we take.

Diligence, Courage, Perseverance

Since its foundation in 2002, Chenpon has now developed into an integrated company that is engaged in the development, production, sales and distribution of pharmaceuticals. Its subsidiaries include Shanghai Xiuxin  Chenpon Pharmaceutical Technology Company Limited (in charge of R & D), Hainan Chenpon Pharmaceutical Company Limited (in charge of commerce), and Shanghai Xinhuanghe Pharmaceutical Company Limited in charge of production).The company is now constructing an APIs and pharmaceutical preparations manufacturing base of international standard. 

An innovation-oriented company established for serving the society

As an innovation-oriented company, Chenpon has developed and produced many synthetic pharmaceuticals and built a high-end technical platform from scratch.Its innovation ambition has been recognized by the society. Over the years, Chenpon has been accredited as Shanghai Hi-tech Enterprise, Shanghai Technology Company Little Giantunder Incubation, Pudong New District Pilot Company of Patent Work; Shanghai “Special, Elaborative, Characteristic and Innovative” Enterprise. The company has also been supported by Shanghai Innovation Fund and Shanghai and Pudong New District Science and Technology Development Fund and has been certified by Shanghai Hi-tech Research Achievements Transformation Promotion Program.


Talent recruitment