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A well-organized distribution network, a full coverage quality management system, a precise positioning information communication system, and meticulous professional service are all indispensable for the successful delivery of pharmaceuticals to patients.Over the years, Chenpon has established a mature, highly-efficient, and professional drug supply and marketing system. 

Customer-oriented meticulous service

Chen remains committed as ever to the building of a professional, standardized, characteristically branded customer service system.Our state-of-the-art CRM system enables us to provide complete reception, follow-up and after-sales service; a real-time SMS system automatically sends reminder messages to customers on the payment, performance progress, and shipment of their orders so that they know the progress of their orders in a timely manner; the quality of shipped pharmaceutical products is safeguarded by a GSP management system. Moreover, we also provide professional consultation, one-to-one VIP service, and other individualized services. 

Precise positioning & professional support

Chenpon's market support is available throughout the entire distribution process. Our products are precisely positioned. We make accurate market positioning and reasonable marketing strategy and incentive policy for our products based on our professional surveys & analyses of different regional markets and bend on communicating accurate product information and branding our products/service by means of tailor-made academic promotion and escort regional activities.Our policy support to bid submission, product admission, and sales volume promotion and in-depth training of representatives can help clients to promote products with high efficiency.

Distributors & Networks

Chenpon has gained professional competence in bidding analysis, establishment of traceability, and computer-based management distributors and outlets networks. Products can be distributed rapidly to 6,000 medium-sized hospitals covering more than 70% of Chinese cities via our well-knitted distribution network nationwide. 

Talent recruitment