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Inhalable dry power technology

Inhalable dry powder is a preparation form for pharmaceuticals that are micronized or microencapsulated in vehicles/blister packed for delivery by special multi-dose inhalers and active inhalation by patients.As a pulmonary delivery system. It is clinically used as a pulmonary delivery system for the treatment of asthma, chronic obstructive diseases, cystic fibrosis, and some other pulmonary diseases.Propellant-free and void of damage to atmospheric ozonosphere, it is used for pulmonary delivery of dry powder of pharmaceuticals, especially some biomacromolecules, to achieve desired bioavailability by virtue of its administration convenience, accurate dosing, and excellent therapeutic effects.

Colon specific drug delivery system(CSDDS) technology

CSDDS is an innovative drug delivery system which delivers drug in ileocecal junction or colon instead of in stomach and small intestine by virtue of a number of targeted delivery technologies. It is of significant importance in the treatment of colon diseases because it not only improves the therapeutic effects but also reduces the systemic side effects of drugs.CSDDS is mainly based on polysaccharide controlled release matrix technology, prodrug technology and mesoporous silica nanoparticle(MSN) vehicle technology. 

Technology for asymmetric synthesis of chiral drugs

Asymmetric synthesis is a process that involves the conversion of prochiral units into chiral units for anisometric generation of stereoisomeric products.It is an immediate approach to get chiral drugs through the application of chiral pools, chiral additives, chiral reagents, and asymmetric catalysts for the synthesis of target chiral product from source chiral molecule or the conversion of prochiral compound into a compound that has one or more chiral centers under the action of a chiral substrate.

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