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Concentrated, focused and professional

The first step in our product development is the careful selection of pharmaceuticals of outstanding therapeutic value in order to benefit patients clinically and economically.Once a project kicks off, we usually go through the entire process from laboratory research to industrialization by virtue of our professional R & D team, rigorous quality management system, and ardent concentration.

Research Fields & Product Categories

We have been paying much attention to the medical demand from patients with diseases of high incidence, especially those refractory ones, and trying hard to get an in-depth understanding of these diseases and their therapeutic regimens, in order to properly select and develop products to benefit more patients.For example, we are much intrigued by gastrointestinal diseases and hepatic diseases of the digestive system and asthma and COPD of the respiratory system. more>>

Utmost Sincerity & Collaborative Development

Collaborative development is essential for the integration of competitive resources for delivering high-quality products and service to patients in the future. Chenpon has, since its foundation, worked in cooperation in various ways and on multiple issues with domestic and foreign colleges and universities, research Institutes, and organizations that have advanced production capacity and sales network in order to create more benefits to patients by virtue of our utmost sincerity. more>>

Talent recruitment