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Liweining®(Ubenimex) TabletsA relay for life

【Generic name】:Ubenimex Tablets

【Manufacturer】:SPH Sine Pharmaceutical Laboratories Co., Ltd.

【Specifications】:10mg/tablet, 9 tablets/box or 15 tablets/box

【Pharmacology】:Ubenimex is a bipeptide compound separated from the culture fluid of Streptomyces ofivoreticuli and capable of competitively inhibiting aminopeptidase B and leucineamino peptidase.It strengthens the functions of T cells and enhances the lethality of NK cells and stimulates the regeneration and differentiation of bone marrow cells by promoting the synthesis of colony stimulating factors.The mechanism of its antitumor action, though not definitely known yet, may relate to its ability to interfere with the metabolism and inhibit the proliferation of tumor cells for inducing apoptosis in tumor cells and/or to its immunity activating and cytokine production and secretion stimulating actions which promote the production and proliferation of cells that have antitumor effects.

【Indications】:Liweining® is indicated for patients under chemotherapy/radiotherapy or with senile immune deficiency for its immunity promoting action.It can be used in combination with chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy for the treatment of patients with leukemia, multiple myeloma, myelodysplastic syndrome, haemopoietic stem cell transplantation and/or other solid tumor(s).

【Administration and Dosage】:Adults: 30mg (i.e. 3 tablets)/day, taken orally in 1 dose (under fasting condition in the morning) or 3 doses. Children: as instructed by the physician.The administration frequency may be reduced to 2~3 doses/week when the symptoms have relieved.

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